Okay, when did that happen?? It’s a new quarter AND a new year, and therefore time for an update. What did I set out to accomplish in the last three months? and what did I actually do?

Broadchurch fic: I had intended to write one more piece as a kind of wrap-up to the collection on AO3 before the new series began this past Monday. It didn’t happen. I took a few stabs at it, wrote a few thousand words or so, but never managed anything I was happy with. Then, deadline passed, I took some time this week to read through the collection. You know what? It’s finished. It doesn’t need another piece.

Now I can forget about it and focus on the new series instead.

‘Counter Clockwise': I really thought it was finished. Then I read the many-times-rewritten final scene to my writers’ group, and everyone – myself included – was underwhelmed. I realized then that my lead character had gone through the entire piece without experiencing a single emotional reaction to anything. If even the lead character is not engaged, how’s anyone else supposed to manage? Needless to say, heavy rewriting is in progress.

‘No Such Place as Home': I finished this thing ages ago and have been putting off submitting it. That’s over now: today I sent it to Analog Science Fiction and Fact (ref #244953 for my own info). Last time they took four months to reply. Thus begins the waiting game.

I’m not going to wait to hear back from Analog (and F&SF, where ‘Counter Clockwise’ will go when it’s finished) before making a new book. Relatives are impatient. I will, however, not make the book publicly available, or put the stories on Smashwords, until I know for sure both stories are rejected. And if they are somehow not rejected, everyone will get to buy the magazine instead. :)

Last quarter of course contained Nanowrimo. I set out to write three stories, revising my word count expectation from 50 to 25,000 as the month waned. I finished just short of 24,000, with two complete rough drafts and one half done.

So now what?

My primary focus for Q1 of 2015 is to finish ‘Counter Clockwise’ and get that book made. Preferably in time for a significant birthday in early March. When that’s done, other goals for the year include:

  • Begin collaboration on a picture-book version of ‘The Dragon of St. Johns’
  • Finish the third Dragon story
  • Revise all three Dragon stories, and take them to my writers’ group
  • Finish revising ‘Ghosts’
  • Write something new!

I observe that my word count is low when I’m mid-revision; my attention is on polishing the older work, and nothing new is begun. It’s not that I stop writing: my DW blog is busy, and a dozen tiny things have come and gone without becoming anything. I’d rather not wait for Nano to come around to create something again. But if I don’t make it happen, it doesn’t happen.

I’m going to make it happen.

1/5 and other deadlines…

Broadchurch S2 will premiere in the UK on 1/5/15, and on BBC America on 2/4.

I would like to wrap up my fic before then. The second series (apparently) picks up right where the first left off; everything my readers and I on AO3 have envisioned will be rendered null and void. I would like to give it an ending before that happens, so that it may exist as a complete microcosm, a mini-AU-might-have-been imagined while impatiently waiting for the real thing. I would like to be done with it and leave it alone, but I would also like some kind of resolution.

We’ll see what happens.

The only other self-imposed semi-deadline is Christmas, and the rough-draft books that I wanted to send are sent. Done.

‘Counter Clockwise’ is nearly there. One more reading, a final polish, and it’s done. Since it’s the shorter of the two outstanding stories, I’ll print that one for F&SF submission. The other one I’ll e-submit to Analog. No really I will…

In other news, just because coupon codes have expired doesn’t mean you can’t buy e-books. ‘Dreamscapes,’ ‘His Brother’s Keeper,’ and ‘The Edge‘ are all available AND inexpensive. You can even preview for free. Go! Look! See!


November no more

Coupon codes expire, and Nano rides off into the sunset: it is December.

It occurs to me that I don’t know whether Smashwords records a free download as a sale. Lots of people have downloaded at least a sample of each of my books, but there were no new sales this month. So much for self-promotion.

NaNoWriMo finished at 23,880 words, or a little under halfway. I had hoped for 25k, even thought I might make it as late as yesterday afternoon, but after a weekend of freezing temperatures and an evening of wine and pizza, I didn’t have it in me. I did finish first drafts of two out of three Urban Dragons stories, with at least a sense of the third. I also wrote nearly 7000 words on my Doctor Who blog, and made good progress on ‘Counter Clockwise’ in my writers’ group.

I have only three scenes left to read in ‘Counter Clockwise.’ It could potentially be done by year’s end. I might even submit it before, or concurrently with, ‘No Such Place as Home.’ It’s a much shorter, tighter story and I think it has a better chance; still, I’d like to give the other the opportunity too. Then there’s the long wait for replies before making a book of my own: a perfect opportunity to finish and revise the Dragon stories, and put together a book of those.

With a month left to go in the quarter, here’s a short to-do list:

  • Finish ‘Counter Clockwise’
  • Run a special book printing for Christmas so certain relatives don’t have to wait too long

And for Q1 of 2015:

  • Submit two stories above
  • Finish third Dragon story
  • Begin revising Dragon stories – including reading with writers group
  • Continue revising ‘Ghosts’ for Smashwords

That should keep me busy for a while.

Last chance!

Coupon codes expire Sunday!

Dreamscapes,’ which came out of my first year writing for Nano, is available for $0.99 with coupon code RR57E.

His Brother’s Keeper,’ the ultimate result of my second year’s efforts, is FREE with coupon code SU83A.

Nano is a no-go this year: a combination of focusing on ‘Counter Clockwise’ and actually being busy at my day job for a change – neither entirely a bad thing. Still, I could hit the halfway point, and I have at least a beginning on 3 dragon stories and 2 fics.

Not a bad month’s work either way.

Happy reading! :)

Northwest autumn

A coat alone serves against the weather

scarf and hat left behind on a chair

soft rain, fresh on the tongue

gray clouds like blankets

Deep breaths

taste river and trees and sky

leave the crackling cold behind

and stride, jacket open, through wet November.


Nano and other things

Hey! Remember I’ve got books on sale!

Dreamscapes,’ which came out of my first year writing for Nano, is available for $0.99 with coupon code RR57E.

His Brother’s Keeper,’ the ultimate result of my second year’s efforts, is FREE with coupon code SU83A.

I’m still seriously behind on this year’s event, with only 16,200 words more than halfway through the month. It’s not over but it doesn’t look good.

This weekend I struggled with my various projects. I’m still taking ‘Counter Clockwise’ to my writers’ group, so I spent a lot of time applying their suggestions. I also spent a lot of time re-watching Doctor Who – and blogging about it. In fact between 11/1 and 11/16 I wrote 4440 words on the topic. If I include those words then I’m almost halfway.

Not quite though. There’s plenty of work to be done.


National Novel Writing Month continues apace. I wrote about 4000 words yesterday in an effort to make up for a few days out of town, but I remain seriously behind.

In case you missed it, I am offering discounts on prior Nano projects during the month of Nano, I mean November. Here are the details, as posted previously:

Dreamscapes,’ which came out of my first year writing for Nano, is available for $0.99 with coupon code RR57E.

His Brother’s Keeper,’ the ultimate result of my second year’s efforts, is FREE with coupon code SU83A.

Happy reading!



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