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How is it that May can be so like November?

The wind, though driven by warm air instead of icy cold, thrashes trees, shaking loose green leaves and scattering them in imitation of its autumn sister. The sky is heavy, gray and threatening. Pounding rain alternates with gentle sprinkles – and then the sun breaks out, betraying the spring that only masquerades. The weekend’s warmth is a memory, but even with the chill the air tastes of new leaves and flower buds. In the evening the clouds break up; the sun sets and Venus appears, sparkling in the west.  The wind settles down, having blown away the worst of the wetness, and leaves behind a cool, clear, and very late nightfall.

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Spring storms

Morning dawns frosty and bright. The sky is blue with scattered grey and white; the air is dry. The weather gives no hint of what is to come.

Midday. The sun is fiercely bright; looking up I see only blue, and yet I feel raindrops. I step indoors; suddenly, the windows darken, and sheets of rain pour down. I step back outside into cool wet sunlight, the soggy pavement the only evidence of the passing squall.

Afternoon. Heavy rain falls as I travel north. Thunder crashes as I walk the last few blocks. Waiting for the bus back downtown, there is no end in sight. And yet somehow, during that ride south, the sun comes out. Rainbows appear in the east; the whole world glitters as the rain fades away.

Early evening. The sky above  is blue and clear, studded with fluffy clouds. But the sun in the west is shrouded in distant falling rain, heavy and grey. A few drops sprinkle down, a storm in fits and starts. I prepare for a deluge at any moment; instead, the rain moves south, leaving behind damp streets and icy wind beneath a shining sky.

This is spring in Oregon.

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Spring sky

The sky is summer blue, though the air is chill. Fluffy clouds, white and grey, are backlit by the brilliant evening sun as they drift lazily eastward. The days stretch on, the sun hovering above the hills hours past its winter bedtime. Cool and warm, sunny and cloudy, every kind of weather passes through on a spring day.

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