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Misty mountain

Floating on a bed of soft cotton clouds

his base wrapped in fog like an invisible blanket

the mountain seems unreal, faded, wispy, dreamlike

pale, translucent against the morning sun

delicately drawn in soft charcoal on the blue-white horizon

and then brushed away, leaving only a shadow.

Strange that the summer mountain should seem so remote;

his winter cousin stands out so sharply at sunrise.

Perhaps after the clouds of spring

he is not yet ready to show himself.

PerhapsĀ as his snowy winter blanket recedes

he is shy of his bare slopes.

Perhaps summer is when he rests.

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The sky is blanketed in thick grey clouds.

Pulling east they stretch across the wide expanse

leaving in their wake a gap of sunshine

to beam down on the distant skyline.

The hills huddle together wrapped in shadow and mist

but the city sparkles jewel-like

in its solitary beam.

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Blue sky

Wispy clouds in grey and white

tinted gold in the east

Sprinkled across a sky of summer-blue

Harbingers of a perfect day

neither hot nor cold

wet nor dry

just right.

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Pattering on paddles, rattling the roof

Splashing in the streets, it falls

Soaking the earth which spongelike takes it in

Running in the road like myriad small rivers

A constant soothing noise

washing clean the air

oh the fresh taste of rain-washed air

rain-scrubbed, rain-soaked

refreshing, relaxing, invigorating, inspiring.

And the trees! the grass! the young fruits and flowers!

They soak it up, rejoicing

Expressing their bliss in a riot of vivid green

lawns a yard tall, tomatoes like jungle plants,

I can almost hear the baby tree laugh, like a child splashing in puddles.

Their giddiness is contagious

and I rejoice with them.

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