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A writer once said

write what you wish to read.

I say


what you wish to be.

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We are small, and weak, and worthless
powerless against the dark
defenseless before demons
lost in the vast universe.
Turn inward
scrape small loves and joys from the earth
nurse the fear, the loneliness, the pain.


Step out boldly into the light
take the risk, face the fear
Seize life, grasp it
breathe it in.
We are giants, great and powerful
and all that we can see
can dream
all that we can reach and touch and taste
imagine, all the universe
is ours.

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Wonder at the fleeting beauty of life
all the joy, all the sorrow there.
Feel to the fullest, passionately
our deepest loves
darkest griefs
and emerge, burnished and alive.
Courageously we choose our paths
we take our stands
we have our faiths
we lift up those around us
and are lifted in turn
aloft, where we can truly see
the greatness of this gift
this ordinary life.

Whether we achieve our fondest dreams
or are thwarted at every turn
it matters not.
What worth have love and loss
against the universe?
the thousand burning suns?

in the end nothing matters
but what we lived for.

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I am the beginning and the ending
the start and finish of your life
the common thread.
Newborn you took my hand and ran
and what came after
was more than you knew
more than you believed
could ever be.
And now when things look black
as music fades and lights go dim
you return to me, reach out again
share a smile.
You tried so valiantly
to go on living
though you knew it couldn’t be
though you knew you’d had your time
the scant hope was worth the effort.
And in the end it seems
that final effort
that scant hope
was just what you needed
what it took
to save the world one last time
to complete your final adventure
to step bravely into death
accepting what must be
cherishing what came before.
And so dying you seek out that last smile
to warm you in the snow
cool you in the flame
as you close the chapter
pass the torch
conclude the verse
and let the song go on and on

and on.

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