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A light
a brief flare, a spark
catches my eye
I watch, moving closer
the spark becomes a flame
the flame, a searing beacon
a sun, a nova
the brilliant blaze of joy.
Joy in each new encounter
Joy in the face of fear, of loss
Joy, uncontainable
irrepressible, it breaks out
runs free
burning away obscurity.
a bright, engaging place
full of beauty, color
life, a noble journey
a magnificent quest
each burden an honor, weighing nothing
a new world, expanded
exalted in the radiant light of joy.

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Yes I am afraid
of monsters and the dark
but I won’t cry and hide my eyes.
You won’t find me
behind the sofa
when there’s a scratching at the window
or a pounding on the door
I’ll be standing ready.
Yes I am afraid
but I will not sit silent
I will speak
and I will act
and I
will not
give up.

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Hand in hand, arm in arm

we wander together

up and down the city streets

Streets so familiar, and yet so new

unseen, unexplored

Laughing we wander round each corner

in and out of shops

reacquainting ourselves

with ourselves

Getting to know you again

like I did so long ago

Falling for you again

an echo of that old life

That sunshine smile

mine again

as if you’d never left me.

Our lives will never be the same

but having you beside me

like you belong

if I had it all to do again

I can’t think what I’d change.

And so, hand in hand we wander

together, through new old streets

a new old life before us

waiting to be discovered.

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Daily life

wake and sleep, work and play

the chores, the grind

the same again tomorrow.



or is it rhythm?

the steady pulse, day in day out

the heartbeat of life

the source of our vitality

the essence of our being

the lifeblood of all that we are.


Could it be

that errands, burdens, duties

only seem to keep us down?

Perhaps instead they empower us

enable us

to fly

the workaday

nourishes dreams

the mundane

makes possible


life itself.

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once constricting, stifling

I couldn’t wait to fly

as far as I could go

as long as I could stay.


a place of conflict



Among the stars I was free

no demands, no restrictions

a small boat upon the ocean

all choices laid before me

and yet –


coming home again it seems

the angry child has grown and gone

the thoughtful person left behind

finds there a place of peace

of love

welcoming and light.

I am free

to run and play

and when darkness falls, and rain and cold

forever I will have a place to go.

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Always the wanderer

never still, never content.

Always striving

the next thrill, the next destination

never ceasing

until –

Suddenly interrupted

held in place


In time

frustration subsides

eyes open newly

looking not just ahead

but all around

seeing for the first time

that which was always there

never noticed

the world, close at hand

new people, places, possibilities

adventure everywhere.

suddenly it seems

that to stop a moment

is to find, beneath the surface

new opportunities

another kind of journey.

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Once I rushed through childhood

stumbled through adolescence

at the edge of adulthood, plodding, slogging

there seemed no place to be, no place to go.

When adventure presented itself

I leaped at the chance

the opportunity to go far, across the universe

but also




the body’s voyages have ended

grand travels are  no more

but the soul’s have just begun.

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Oh the luxury

the divine decadence

delightful extravagance

to have the prosperity

the constitution

the complacency

the soundness necessary

to have really



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The sun rises and sets in the usual way

unexciting, undistinguished.

Birth and death, love and loss, commonplace



The capacity of people

to overcome, adapt, create



But that common sunrise

that everyday love

the simple beauty of our world

so vast

I cherish



our ordinary life.

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