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To the image in my head

An odd sensation


one I can never be

can never love

can never love me

Always present

in my fevered mind

a silly fantasy

a child’s play

Release me, set me free

do not toy with me

imaginary world

I cannot live there

cannot join you

cannot fly away

Do not taunt me

with your passions, your adventures

your one true love

leave me be

Let me live my own life

love my own life

though it be not fantastical

not brilliant

not perfect

There is enough beauty

enough joy

enough fun

if only

I am free

to be it.

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Goodbye, Sarah Jane

Goodbye Sarah Jane
Though I hardly know you at all
You have a grace I aspire to
When the world around me falls.

I sit up on the sofa
and I smile to myself
There’s a woman of audacity
and playfulness as well.

And it seems to me you lived your life
as a beacon in the dark
Always standing at the ready
with your courageous heart.
And as I get to know you I hope to carry on
the legacy you leave behind
adventurous and fun.

Breaking through was tough
A woman on the edge of a frontier
Making whole worlds possible
For girls throughout the years.

And then when you died
All those children stood up to say
Who you were made a difference
In who they are today.

And it seems to me you lived your life…

Goodbye Sarah Jane
Though I hardly know you at all
You have a grace I aspire to
When the world around me falls.

Goodbye Sarah Jane
Though it wasn’t my heart you sought
I saw in you something for myself
the joy those children got

And it seems to me…

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Sound and Fury

Do you know what loss is?

you child, you fool

do you know what grief is?

Do you know the pain

of a heart wrenched out

broken, bleeding

that no quantity of ice or bandage

can assuage?

You empty shell

can you not imagine

the mother’s torment?

Can you assign her this indifference

do you not know

the animal rage

the agony

that words cannot capture

only screams

only tears.

And do you believe the man

who gave up everything

would accept his lover’s death

with no more than a distant sadness?


Have you heard tell of the wailing

the tearing of hair, the gnashing of teeth?

This is the expression

of such loss

of grief

of the torture, the misery, the anguish

left behind

when the one you love

is ripped


torn away







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East wind

Rising from her desert bed

she scours the morning sky

blasts away all trace of cloud or fog

dawn, a streak of burnished orange

the blue firmament of day scrubbed clear

making way for glaring sun,

twinkling stars.

As night falls she settles back

exhausted, to her dusty home

while unimpaired, the heavy clouds return

creeping from the west

to reclaim the autumn sky.

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