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How can it be?

the one who was always there

is gone?

the one constant

the one sure thing

how can it be?

How could she go?

all that life, all that energy

that powerful being, vitality

how can it be?

This hole remains

where once stood something permanent



for all time it was to be

and yet

it is no more.

How can it be?

How can it be?

So constant, so assured

the one who took charge, who cared, who worried

who looked after all

after all

how can it be?

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Autumn leaves rain down

swirling, a brightly colored blizzard

Wind whistles

whipping up a cyclone of yellow and red

Rain gushes from the sky

in fits and starts

soaking some while others duck untouched

into doorways

and cars

and cozy coffee shops.

Hold tight to that umbrella

be grateful for those boots

make the most of coffee shops

November is here.

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