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The Craven

What have you done?

You had the chance

to stand and fight

the opportunity

for courage

the need for sacrifice.

Instead you cower

like animals, like children

weakly and in fear.

You could have grown so tall

stood so strong

braved so much

instead you shrink

away to nothing

shunning courage

making sure the sacrifice

is any but your own.

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I may not be

the woman of your dreams

You may not be

the man of mine.

What matter dreams?

Aiming for the stars

I found instead


my sun, my moon

blazing, changing

my light by day and night.

In truth at times I wish for more

of you and of myself

In truth at times I wonder, I fear

have we chosen well?

But choose we did and here we are

choosing again daily

my sun, my moon

may I be your world.

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I went nowhere
did nothing
met no one.
Not in body
but in mind
in soul
did I wander.
Grand and glorious
foolish and fun
epic journeys, romance and adventure
an hour at a time.
It wasn’t real
it never really happened
and yet left behind
new vision, new ideas
the opportunity round every bend
the mystery that lies ahead
the gift beyond price
the slow unfolding treasure
that daily

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