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Thank you for stopping by to sneak a peek. What you’ll find in these pages is a selection of my writing of all types. Poetry on everything from Torchwood to Mercury; a few samplings of short stories and writing exercises; even a link to my Nanowrimo project. Science fiction and fantasy feature heavily. Have a look around & see what you like!

At the event itself, I’ll have copies of all my books to view and purchase. Two collections of poetry will be available: one inspired by Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who (Wonder) and the other by our gorgeous local scenery (Northwest). I’ll also have my Nanowrimo-winning novel and a few other tales, including some fun DW fan fic. (AU Rose/TenII for those in the know.) I’ll be in Artists’ Alley on Saturday of the event.

If you came across this post from someplace other than WonderNW and you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, take a look: http://wondernorthwest.com/

See you there!

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Elusive one

solar fairy, cosmic sprite

coyly veiled in coronal fire.

Winged one

fleet-footed and fey

a trifling shadow against the dazzling flame.

Nightly I seek you

along the edge of daylight

nightly you evade me

dodging darkness

hiding plainly in the blaze.

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Red wanderer

rising in the east

Captor of imaginations

since human dawn

How bright and bold

how constant

how near and yet

how impossibly, inconceivably far

Companion star

steady and yet ever-changing

a sister in the sky

a clue to our past

a glimpse of our future


and yet


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Two bright spots against the dark night sky

two distant worlds

That great giant

spinning immensity

swirling storms

a silent mass of gas and ice

impossibly distant

Beside him, nearly hand in hand

tiny and dense and hot

violent, corrosive

yet seeming cool and welcoming

Who are they, these neighbors

These beings of such breadth and scope

these miracles of mathematics

nature at her most fanciful

Who are they, these points of light

their true selves hidden, out of reach

yet knowable

with numbers and drawings

and bits of glass

we bring them near

gaze upon them

wondrous and majestic and real.

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And the winner is:


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The Poet

A tale in 8000 words.


This story has been submitted. In the event of rejection, it will be available here again; otherwise, you’ll have to buy the magazine. 🙂

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