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I did it again.



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What the heck…

As a story, it’s not bad. As fanfic, it’s really pretty good!

Summary: Torchwood London is being systematically dismantled from the inside. When Pete Tyler goes missing, Rose, Jack, and the Doctor have to overcome their greatest weaknesses to find him – and to save their own lives. Fortunately, they have the help of a new old friend. (Alternate universe, non-canon Jack Harkness and Martha Jones.)


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It didn’t look like much
a pinprick, a speck
scarcely visible
scarcely anything at all
(a massive hunk of rock dwarfed by a ball of flame too large to conceive)

It didn’t move too fast
sluggish, creeping
going nowhere
inching imperceptibly along
(hurtling through empty space at thousands of miles per hour)

It didn’t last too long
a moment, in the scheme of things
a brief and tiny instant
against the infinity of time
(an entire afternoon we spent with our eyes on the sky)

It wasn’t anything
anything that mattered
and yet it was all there was
(and we will never see it again.)

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You murdered me

tore me limb from limb

my heart, destroyed

when you left him lying there

empty and cold.

You killed me

your only child

when you took mine from me

so callous and so cruel.

When his eyes blinked open

the blood dried on his precious lips

I lived again


yet –

never again will I love you

never again will I look at you

never again will you see him

your own kind, your own kin

eternal and alone.

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Their little lives, so brief

pass flashing before my eyes.

A glint of color, splash of light

then gone

and only I endure.

Look back

across the centuries, the eons

birthless, deathless


like the heart of the universe, burning

yet eternal.

Do I envy those little sparks of life

do they envy me

though I go on

and on and on

and no one else remains.

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