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Haunted river

Mist blanketed

like fog from a machine

Strange things drift from the depths

to break the still surface

and vanish once more, origin unknown

Through the haze, voices

lost, calling

lights like will o’ wisps

emerge and fade again

elusive, illusory

Submerged we make our way

forward, backward in the dark

in vain hope of safe harbor from the gloom.

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Aurora absconditus

A perfect circle
hangs in the east
its veil of mist drifting
at the whim of Aeolus.
Wrapped in fog
its light both dimmed and heightened
scattered by the hidden river
swallowed by the gray sky.
Luna or Sol?
who floats there, shining
a brilliant coin, swathed in cotton
a beacon in the haze
coy and bold at once
steady and yet shy.

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The boy sat on the bank, looking down at the full moon reflected in the still water. It shone and shimmered, solid and ethereal at once.

Come away, it seemed to say.

He touched the water with his toe. It was icy cold. The moon waved and undulated as the ripples passed over it, beckoning him like a gypsy dancer. He shrank back and hugged himself.

Come away, it seemed to say.

He thought of his snug home. Mum and Dad had been shouting again, too loud to hear him creep out into the night. He could hear them still. He knew they loved each other, but why couldn’t they just say so?

The image of the moon steadied across the water. Come away, it urged him, leave behind the anger and the tears. Dance beneath the moon in the frosty grip of night.

The boy looked up at the real moon hanging low in the sky. Her light was warm, somehow, and soothing, the yellow of fresh cream. She did not waver. Distant stars twinkled dimly beyond her corona. They said nothing as he stared. The wind whispered fantasy in his ears, and a chill ran down his spine. The world fell still.

“Jonah?” said his mother’s voice. “Please come home.”

The boy jumped to his feet and ran.

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Autumn, arriving
a brisk wind scatters leaves
sends them dancing.
Summer, lingering
blue skies shine down
no cloud nor hint of rain to hide Sol’s face.
sun and wind
clear skies, cold
a taste of what’s to come.

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October dawn

The moon in the west
her night’s work done, she goes to her daily rest.

not wishing to go gently
he shines his brightest
in vain hope of outlasting the sun.

dog star
shepherd of summer
stands ready in the south
to lead his charge homeward.

morning star
herald of dawn
in the east rises
proclaiming day.

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Nine, revised

I’ve gotten over my disappointment in CE, for his open dislike of the program he returned to life. He did not allow his feelings to color his performance. He set aside his disdain and poured all his heart and passion and joy into the character, making something possible that had been a distant dream.

And so I must revise my expression.



I was captivated by a smile
a mad delight in the most unlikely things
an optimism in the face of loss
a strange kind of humanity.
I joyfully followed the journey
the harrowing terrifying amazing journey
laughing and crying and lying sleepless at night
monsters under my bed.
How I loved you, admired you
mourned you
for though some trace remains,
something irreplaceable is gone.

Still, with gratitude I recall your face
your passion, your delight
your rage.
Thank you for the journey
the harrowing terrifying amazing journey
the smile, the strange humanity
enshrined forever in our hearts.


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