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Go figure.

ETA I’ve been advised that this post is unclear.

I’ve been working on a story known as The Way for a year. (An actual year; I first posted the story on 4/25/13.) I have finished it, torn it up, finished it again, started over, gotten feedback, given up, and started over again. In my last post (4/15/14) I observed that it was at least mostly dead.

A few days after that, I decided to declare it officially dead and move on.

A few days after that, an idea of the vaguest sort popped into my head and quickly became a story. One of the quickest (and possibly best) stories I have yet written.

What I meant by today’s post is that setting aside a story that wasn’t working allowed a completely different story to come to life. A story which, in another startling coincidence, is at least partly based on another dead story long since given up.

Death begets life.

Original post below.


Shortly after my last post, I officially gave up on The Way.

Almost immediately, this happened:



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2014 Q2

At the beginning of the year, I posted a preliminary list of things I wanted to get done. (https://elisabethflaum.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/2014/) My main goal has been to finish things. 3 months later, I’d like to look at how I’m doing.

Here’s the essential list, copied from the earlier post:

Project 1 is the Dreamscapes revision. I started it; I’ll finish it; I’ll publish it.
Project 2 is either The Edge or The Way. These have each been declared done a dozen times. It’s time to give each one last read-through, one more turn at the wheel, a final breath.
Project 3 is the other one.
Project 4 is a new story.

Project 1 is complete. Dreamscapes is up on Smashwords. It has 38 views and one purchase. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/406665

Project 2 is complete. The Edge is finished and submitted to Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Project 3 is stalled out; The Way is going nowhere.

Project 4 is complete, or nearly so. It’s not really a new story, but an old one I had given up on and forgotten about, which was actually quite close to just fine. I finished it and will be taking it to my writers’ group for input. I plan to submit it after I hear back about The Edge.

In addition I wrote three and a half new pieces of fan fiction, posting two of them as well as an old piece that isn’t quite finished. (http://archiveofourown.org/users/Elwyne/pseuds/Elwyne) I wrote hundreds of words on The Way. I wrote 3 different versions of part 2 of that unfinished fic. I wrote hundreds of words chasing miscellaneous creative tails. I wrote a half-dozen blog posts. I have finished things. Not everything; but I have finished things. I have a half-dozen things I could do next. I have three out of four things done and it isn’t even time for Camp Nanowrimo yet.

So now what?

Q2, Project 1: I’d really like to finish The Way. I’m not going to force it, though. Leave it here and see what happens.

Project 2: I’d like to do something with this weird little fic I wrote in January. (https://elisabethflaum.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/work-in-progress-2/) Possibly two somethings. It has potential.

Project 3: I’d like to come up with a decent ending for the Doctor’s daughter fic I posted last month.

Project 4: Something new I haven’t thought of yet! 🙂

That should get me through the summer at least.



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I suck at this.

Doing what I planned to do, that is.

Now, with three projects open and pending, I instead watched all of Broadchurch in two days and wrote an epilogue. I’m sorry. You probably shouldn’t read it.

You definitely shouldn’t read it if you haven’t watched Broadchurch. It won’t make sense and it’ll spoil the ending. Instead, go watch Broadchurch. Assuming you have the next 7 hours free and clear, that is; otherwise, you might want to wait until you do.



ETA I did submit The Edge. I should know in 6-8 weeks.

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