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Okay, so I haven’t been here in a while. It’s not because I’m not doing things; the things I’m doing just aren’t ready for prime time. I’ll have some things to post soon, no really I will.

Among the things:
A second article for TMS, scheduled for 9/1 or thereabouts. I’ll post it as soon as I see it.
The Edge and His Brother’s Keeper for Smashwords. HBK is nearly there; Edge needs a cover.
The Invasion, which needs a new title, is nearly done. I’m having second thoughts about submitting it; I’ve worked on it for so long, I want to post it, and the submission process takes forever. On the other hand, I have a whole new story to write from scratch before making another book, so it doesn’t actually matter if Analog wants to sit on it for four months. On va voir.

I’m still posting stuff on Archive of our Own so feel free to go by there. And I promise there will be things here soon.

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