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Broadchurch S2 will premiere in the UK on 1/5/15, and on BBC America on 2/4.

I would like to wrap up my fic before then. The second series (apparently) picks up right where the first left off; everything my readers and I on AO3 have envisioned will be rendered null and void. I would like to give it an ending before that happens, so that it may exist as a complete microcosm, a mini-AU-might-have-been imagined while impatiently waiting for the real thing. I would like to be done with it and leave it alone, but I would also like some kind of resolution.

We’ll see what happens.

The only other self-imposed semi-deadline is Christmas, and the rough-draft books that I wanted to send are sent. Done.

‘Counter Clockwise’ is nearly there. One more reading, a final polish, and it’s done. Since it’s the shorter of the two outstanding stories, I’ll print that one for F&SF submission. The other one I’ll e-submit to Analog. No really I will…

In other news, just because coupon codes have expired doesn’t mean you can’t buy e-books. ‘Dreamscapes,’ ‘His Brother’s Keeper,’ and ‘The Edge‘ are all available AND inexpensive. You can even preview for free. Go! Look! See!


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November no more

Coupon codes expire, and Nano rides off into the sunset: it is December.

It occurs to me that I don’t know whether Smashwords records a free download as a sale. Lots of people have downloaded at least a sample of each of my books, but there were no new sales this month. So much for self-promotion.

NaNoWriMo finished at 23,880 words, or a little under halfway. I had hoped for 25k, even thought I might make it as late as yesterday afternoon, but after a weekend of freezing temperatures and an evening of wine and pizza, I didn’t have it in me. I did finish first drafts of two out of three Urban Dragons stories, with at least a sense of the third. I also wrote nearly 7000 words on my Doctor Who blog, and made good progress on ‘Counter Clockwise’ in my writers’ group.

I have only three scenes left to read in ‘Counter Clockwise.’ It could potentially be done by year’s end. I might even submit it before, or concurrently with, ‘No Such Place as Home.’ It’s a much shorter, tighter story and I think it has a better chance; still, I’d like to give the other the opportunity too. Then there’s the long wait for replies before making a book of my own: a perfect opportunity to finish and revise the Dragon stories, and put together a book of those.

With a month left to go in the quarter, here’s a short to-do list:

  • Finish ‘Counter Clockwise’
  • Run a special book printing for Christmas so certain relatives don’t have to wait too long

And for Q1 of 2015:

  • Submit two stories above
  • Finish third Dragon story
  • Begin revising Dragon stories – including reading with writers group
  • Continue revising ‘Ghosts’ for Smashwords

That should keep me busy for a while.

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