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The first quarter is almost over, and finally something has been accomplished. (More or less.) First things first:

‘Counter Clockwise’ is finished. It’s been added to my latest book, and submitted to Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine. It will probably be at least 90 days before I hear back, and chances are I’ll try Analog if it’s rejected. So book and e-book are still pending for a while.

‘No Such Place as Home’ was submitted to Analog in January and is still pending. Historically Analog has taken much longer to reply than SF&F; I’m hoping for the two replies to coincide sufficiently that failing acceptance I can quickly switch them around and resubmit.

‘The Dragon of the St. Johns Bridge’ second draft is finished, with one or two more sections to be presented to my writers’ group. Once that feedback is applied, it’s off to the other half of this collaboration, my sister and illustrator Rebecca.

Finally, ‘Ghosts’ is finished (again). It was one of my very first stories, the first thing I wrote that wasn’t Doctor Who fanfiction (though it still kind of is). Like ‘Dreamscapes,’ it’s a wonderful story, but the present tense (a fanfiction hangover) had become increasingly unbearable. Now, reset comfortably in the past, it’s a much more pleasant read for a regular non-fic audience. ‘Ghosts’ is back up on Lulu and will be on Smashwords soon.

Up next: ‘Dragon of Paris!

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Slacking off

Or so it appears. I seem to have been quite busy on my other blog.

‘Counter Clockwise’ is finished. I have assembled a new print book for family purposes. I still plan to submit the story – and ‘No Such Place as Home’ is still pending with Analog – so the book – paper or electronic – won’t be available to normal people for a while yet. Until I get around to the submission, however, interested parties can read the story here.

‘The Dragon of the St. Johns Bridge’ is underway. Plenty of work remains.

Thank you for listening. We now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.

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