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Last time I posted I was in Nano recovery mode. Well, recovery stretched all the way through December and into January. The radio play got finished, more or less, but wasn’t nearly long enough to enter. (Guidelines called for 52 minutes; mine might have run half that.) The wizard thing got abandoned, for now at least. The Way Home got rejected by the Library Writers Project.

The current project is a sequel to Counter Clockwise, which I’ve attempted before. Getting back into the habit of writing has been a challenge. Being in a writers group helps; I feel weird showing up with nothing to read, and I miss it if I stay away too long. But too often I’ve been spending my free time lying on the couch instead of sitting at the computer. I just don’t seem to have the drive.

To that end, I am considering a new project, one that combines couch and computer. As an avowed Doctor Who fan, I’ve seen far too little of the classic series. (There are 26 seasons, so “too little” is still quite a lot.) I shelled out for a Britbox subscription, which streams almost every episode still in existence. My family and friends don’t want to watch as much or as often as I do. So, in order to justify my subscription, make use of the night or two I have home alone every week, and still get my couch time – not to mention indulge in my favorite show – I plan to take on the vastness of the program, from 1963 to today, and write about it on my Doctor Who blog.

What to write about? There are synopses everywhere, of course, and plenty of reviews. I don’t think there’s anything new I can add. But the history and development of the show – its almost-accidental nature – interest me immensely, as does its huge and devoted fan base. I expect my posts will note significant firsts, where-are-they-now, and whatever behind-the-scenes and fan reaction I come across. Not to mention all sorts of things that haven’t occurred to me yet.

All that will happen, when it happens, at Type 40 Travels.

In the meantime, disappointed library members Рand any other interested parties Рcan find The Way Home here at Smashwords Рfree with coupon code DB73P until Memorial Day.

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