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Off again

Another weekend whiled away. Some time was spent on further revision of The Edge, following Saturday’s CHWG meeting. But most of it was slacking.

Also at the meeting I learned of a new resource: Smashwords, free publication of ebooks. It looks fascinating. I may, probably after The Edge is finished and this (last!!) term of school is over and done with, look into revising some of my early work for that purpose. Ghosts and Dreamscapes remain excellent stories, in my opinion, marred by beginnerly writing. I would not mind making them pretty and offering them for general consumption.

I may also have acquired a beta reader or two, but we’ll have to see how that develops. 🙂


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Day 17

It’s a winding way, but it gets somewhere. More or less.



After yesterday’s mess I was feeling stuck, discouraged; and then I read this: http://thewritepractice.com/no-mistakes/

There was another one too, that I can’t find right now, but the basic idea is that writing now is more important than writing well. Write now, and the writing well will come.

All true.

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Day 16

Only made it to 950 words yesterday and they all suck so I’m not posting them. Sorry.

Better luck today, maybe…

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Day 15

This came about as a combination of an earlier, failed effort with a writing ‘exercise’ supplied by Stephen King’s ‘On Writing.’ Who knew.


If we’re very fortunate, perhaps tomorrow it will acquire a resolution.

1400 words.

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Day 14

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here. It’s a bit like the story I didn’t share, the one that went nowhere; but with a focus on the description and the experience rather than trying to make anything particular happen. Maybe it will lead to something, maybe it won’t.

1300 words.


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Day 13

And we’re back. 1050 words, and possibly counting.


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Day something or other

I didn’t write 1000 words yesterday, and I’m unlikely to do so today. Wednesday night I read a bit of The Edge at the Coffeehouse Writers’ Group meeting, and came away with a slew of new thoughts and ideas. My writing time has been spent in massive revision.

I hope it turns out to be a good thing.

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