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Wisps of fog drifting
caress the downy hills.
The river shines silver
in the autumn dawn.

Between them, the city
concrete lumps shrouded in smog
holds its wintry cloak close
against the day.

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Sunset haiku

Showoff sunset taunts

dormant volcano sulking

silent in the east.

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Catching fire

Liquid gold

pooling in a corner of the sky

spreading, catching clouds

rose pink, misty orange



each corner of the earth

setting light

to each new day.

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City nightfall

The sun sinks, molten

through the distant misting rain

the flame-lined horizon

vibrant against the gray sky.

Inside, humanity

its throngs, seething

brittle noise and artificial light

while in the sky, magic

unfolds, brief and fleeting

and vanishes into impending night.

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Eastern Flame


the mountain seethes

the mountain glows

The sky brightens

alight with his fire

dark with his smoke

magenta warmth through the haze.

Is it volcano dusk

the end of everything

or is it dawn

the beginning?

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Autumn dawn

The moon in her halo
her blanket of clouds
to the north, Jupiter
her steady companion.

Together they sink
through the western sky
autumn’s night waning
as Venus ascends.

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Aurora absconditus

A perfect circle
hangs in the east
its veil of mist drifting
at the whim of Aeolus.
Wrapped in fog
its light both dimmed and heightened
scattered by the hidden river
swallowed by the gray sky.
Luna or Sol?
who floats there, shining
a brilliant coin, swathed in cotton
a beacon in the haze
coy and bold at once
steady and yet shy.

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October dawn

The moon in the west
her night’s work done, she goes to her daily rest.

not wishing to go gently
he shines his brightest
in vain hope of outlasting the sun.

dog star
shepherd of summer
stands ready in the south
to lead his charge homeward.

morning star
herald of dawn
in the east rises
proclaiming day.

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So many shades of sky

azure, sapphire, cobalt

cerulean, cyan.

So many colors of cloud

cream and ivory

silver, smoke, and slate.

So many pigments possible

in a shining sunset

pale pink, creamy coral


blazing vibrant orange

brilliant white

liquid gold.

All hues splattered across the vault

the scattered stains

of nature’s Michelangelo

his masterpiece unfinished


polychroma shift across the spectrum

an unending parade

of day

to dusk

to dark.

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Red sky


A searing orb, burning

a hole in the sky

like an alien sun

its color just a little wrong.


like a child’s drawing

beams of yellow streak across the gray

simmering whiteness sinking behind the hills.


the crimson west

blood red, starless

the gibbous moonrise

shines pink over an unfamiliar world.

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