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Drifting wisps of cloud

Waning gibbous supermoon

River’s ripples shine.



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The boy sat on the bank, looking down at the full moon reflected in the still water. It shone and shimmered, solid and ethereal at once.

Come away, it seemed to say.

He touched the water with his toe. It was icy cold. The moon waved and undulated as the ripples passed over it, beckoning him like a gypsy dancer. He shrank back and hugged himself.

Come away, it seemed to say.

He thought of his snug home. Mum and Dad had been shouting again, too loud to hear him creep out into the night. He could hear them still. He knew they loved each other, but why couldn’t they just say so?

The image of the moon steadied across the water. Come away, it urged him, leave behind the anger and the tears. Dance beneath the moon in the frosty grip of night.

The boy looked up at the real moon hanging low in the sky. Her light was warm, somehow, and soothing, the yellow of fresh cream. She did not waver. Distant stars twinkled dimly beyond her corona. They said nothing as he stared. The wind whispered fantasy in his ears, and a chill ran down his spine. The world fell still.

“Jonah?” said his mother’s voice. “Please come home.”

The boy jumped to his feet and ran.

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The bashful moon

but a sliver in the sky

conceals herself in a sheltering cloud.

Here and there she shows her face

a glimpse, and gone again.

But the clouds recede

the empty sky calls her forth

a canvas for her beauty.

Emboldened, she shrugs off her misty veil

shines down on the glittering city

bathed in a pre-dawn glow.

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Full moon

The sky lies flat like a satin navy blanket, dark and distant, speckled with a few weak stars. Two contrails streak across, reflecting an otherworldly glow, suggesting spacecraft. Directly overhead, the full moon in all her brilliant glory gives credence to the myths of the power of moonlight. Mysterious, magical, with a light unlike any other, she beams down on the sleeping world, dimming the stars, giving an eerie, almost daylight glow to the midnight city.

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Predawn city

The city gleams, as cities will, all incandescent sparkle and reflective asphalt. Headlamps, streetlamps, traffic lights, the gas station sign, all blaring their harsh brightness and visual noise. Above it all, another world looms, a night sky almost unreal in its permanence.

The full orange moon hangs low in the west, scant meters above the bustle. Brooding, glowing, huge and  dark, it underscores our temporary nature, our ephemeral state, our fragility, smallness, insignificance. It shines as it has since the earliest pre-dawn of time, while our lights merely flicker for an instant and are gone.

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Crescent moon

The crescent moon

hangs in the east

against a lapis sky.

Beneath it



dawn breaks;

soft pink, warm pale orange

the reflected glow brightening the river

amidst the still-dark city.

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Evening star

The evening star

true to her name

shines bright against the darkening sky.

The new moon

though barely a sliver

her dark side glows with reflected earthshine.

Together against the western sky, along the path of the setting sun,

daylight fades and stars appear, twinkling, one by one.

As darkness grows, they sink gently to the horizon

and vanish beyond the west hills.

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