Another fic finished

Forgot to mention – that ages-old Doctor’s Daughter fic finally has an ending.




‘The Edge’ has been rejected by Analog SFF. My project list just got longer:

1. edit ‘The Edge’ for Smashwords

2. finish ‘The Invasion’ and submit

3. plan new book collection, starting with ‘The Edge’

because when other people don’t publish my stuff, I get to publish it myself.


2014 Q3

Another quarter is upon us.

I seem to have been busy these last three months. Starting where I left off, and taking things one at a time:

‘The Edge,’ submitted to Analog Science Fiction and Fact in March, has yet to be either accepted or rejected. They claim a response time of four months; if I haven’t heard from them by the end of next week I’ll drop them a line. If they accept it, yay! published! and if they don’t I’ll be free to publish it myself. Smashwords, part deux.

The other story that has consumed most of my time lately is currently titled ‘The Invasion.’ It was mostly finished and discarded sometime last year; earlier this year I dug it out, brushed it off, and started reading it in my writers’ group. Many of my fellows are really liking it, and their feedback of course is taking it leaps and bounds toward being really good. By end of summer I hope to be able to submit this one too.

Other, smaller projects have also proliferated. Posted previously on this blog are the article I wrote for The Mary Sue (http://www.themarysue.com/history-of-fan-culture-star-trek-sherlock/) and the fic resulting from a fellow blogger’s prompt (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1817752). In addition, the Broadchurch fic I posted in April has generated offspring. It’s amazing what a few tiny words of encouragement will do; I posted the fic on AO3, planning to be done with it, when someone expressed an interest in ‘seeing where it goes.’ That made me curious too – and suddenly, I’d written a second one. Gushing praise on that one spawned another, and so forth. The full set so far can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/95852

In addition, I may FINALLY have a new direction for ‘The Way.’ (Still a terrible title, though.) I’ve taken a few tentative stabs at it, and we’ll see how it goes.

AND EVEN FURTHER: I do want to publish more on Smashwords; I think it’s a much more accessible means of sharing and selling stories. At some point this summer I plan to convert ‘His Brother’s Keeper,’ a story currently living in The Comet’s Tail collection (http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/elisabeth-flaum/the-comets-tail/paperback/product-20968677.html); the story originally happened during Nanowrimo 2012, and I would like to release it – and put ‘Dreamscapes’ on sale – for Nano 2014. Concurrently, or afterwards, I would also like to convert ‘Ghosts’ – a wonderful story marred by really mediocre writing – and possibly the other two stories from The Comet’s Tail.

So there we are, much done, much still to do. Sorry about the lack of poetry, if you’re into that sort of thing; my attention has all been on stories lately. But since I still have a couple of Tenth Doctor episodes left in my rewatch, do not despair – all things remain possible.


ETA: Forgot some, as if such a thing were possible! In my Q2 update I mentioned a couple of work in progress fics. One has seen the light as ‘Volcano Day’ (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1587044). The other(s) remain stubbornly incomplete. But independent of those, this also happened: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1589825/chapters/3379055 as well as hundreds more words of randomness in a doodle archive I call ‘magic.’ Like I said, I’ve been busy. :)

An Ounce of Home

A fellow blogger (http://infinitefreetime.com/) posted a prompt. This happened:




And not by me this time!

Some weeks back a favorite blog of mine put out a call for contributions. I sent in a pitch or two; they sent back a request, and voila! I’m on The Mary Sue.

Expounding on nerdery of course.




New posts

Those fics I mentioned the other day? Posted.



Amazing what happens when you set one stubborn little project aside.

Two short stories hover startlingly near completion. My writers’ group is enjoying the heck out of The Invasion. So am I. I look forward to its submission, sometime in the next two months. Counter Clockwise is settling; I’ll get back to it soon.

At the same time, two fics roll merrily along. One is the ‘strange little fic’ I posted about a while back, that had taken too dark a turn for my taste. It pulled back from the edge and is turning into a lovely little Ten/Rose tale. I will probably post it before long. The other is just silly fun with no future. Who knows what will happen with it.

And on top of all that, a blog I enjoy put out a call for submissions, to which I replied because why not. To my amazement they have asked me for a draft of an article! To be delivered in three weeks! I guess I better get on that!

In short, I have plenty to do, and a habit of going spontaneously unprepared that will possibly no longer work.

Life is learning.


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