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Happy endings

I have a passion for them. I need them; I don’t enjoy stories without them and I don’t like to write such stories. I have to wrap everything up nicely; even after terrible things happen, life must go on, and characters must be okay with that. Uplift is what I seek in the end.

Life, however, isn’t like that. Sometimes it’s not okay, never will be okay again.

There was a story I read on whofic long ago, one I’ll never find again because I don’t know the title or the author and the content is so broad. It upset me so much, with its weak portrayal of the aftermath of death, that I felt compelled to answer. The result was Sound and Fury, on this blog.

Maybe that wasn’t enough.

The prompt which resulted in that story was this (or something like it): AU TenII after Rose’s death. Here I submit my own effort.


8/24/12 And here’s another one, which sort of resolves, sort of:


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Mini Sledge 7/19

I wasn’t eligible to win this month, but I’m pretty happy with the effort.


A person of visually ambiguous gender

The stockroom of a busy grocery store

Dodging a bullet

A piece of chocolate

Time limit: 36 min.


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The Edge

8/22 Down for more edits. I’ll repost when I’m done, as a new entry. Unless I decide to submit it, in which case you’ll just have to wait. 🙂


A tale in 10,000 words.



Strike that. New ending in progress; will be reposted shortly. 🙂


Okay. It’s rough but here it is. Closer to 11k words this time around.


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