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Winter at the bus stop

Distant Venus, ice-

capped Mars, the dead moon above –

warmer than I am.

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Rainy Saturday

Rainbow over my bus stop

Blazing eastern sky

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Northwest autumn

A coat alone serves against the weather

scarf and hat left behind on a chair

soft rain, fresh on the tongue

gray clouds like blankets

Deep breaths

taste river and trees and sky

leave the crackling cold behind

and stride, jacket open, through wet November.


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Purple sky

A strange phenomenon

an odd mix, lilac

of dawn and cloud

puffy pink

periwinkle sun and purple rain.

A bizarre cast

to the colorful sky

gray haze shot through with pinkish light

only a tinted window.

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Haunted river

Mist blanketed

like fog from a machine

Strange things drift from the depths

to break the still surface

and vanish once more, origin unknown

Through the haze, voices

lost, calling

lights like will o’ wisps

emerge and fade again

elusive, illusory

Submerged we make our way

forward, backward in the dark

in vain hope of safe harbor from the gloom.

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Autumn, arriving
a brisk wind scatters leaves
sends them dancing.
Summer, lingering
blue skies shine down
no cloud nor hint of rain to hide Sol’s face.
sun and wind
clear skies, cold
a taste of what’s to come.

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October dawn

The moon in the west
her night’s work done, she goes to her daily rest.

not wishing to go gently
he shines his brightest
in vain hope of outlasting the sun.

dog star
shepherd of summer
stands ready in the south
to lead his charge homeward.

morning star
herald of dawn
in the east rises
proclaiming day.

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