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The waning moon smiles down in welcome

the mountain stands sentinel in the east

to greet the new sun.

The shortest day has passed

the longest night is over

and the world rejoices

at the return of the light.

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The bashful moon

but a sliver in the sky

conceals herself in a sheltering cloud.

Here and there she shows her face

a glimpse, and gone again.

But the clouds recede

the empty sky calls her forth

a canvas for her beauty.

Emboldened, she shrugs off her misty veil

shines down on the glittering city

bathed in a pre-dawn glow.

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The west hills blaze

with icy fire

Mist rising smokelike

from the frigid river

The evening sun



fading into the fog

Light vanishes

as the gray descends



wiped out


in the thick air.

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a dingy gray

pinkish whitish orange

a faint streak of light against a sky

still midnight black.


a vivid blinding pink

coral and magenta

setting white-hot clouds ablaze.


bright azure blue

streaked with clouds in gray and yellow-white

the sun, invisible

showing himself in the sparkling dappled glow.

A new day

fresh, unspoiled

unique, enchanting, and fine.

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I was captivated by a smile
a mad delight in the most unlikely things
an optimism in the face of loss
a strange kind of humanity.

I joyfully followed the journey
the harrowing terrifying amazing journey
laughing and crying and lying sleepless at night
monsters under my bed.
I loved you, admired you
compassion and affection and frustration
mourned you
wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

But you denied me
betrayed me
turned your back
brushed me off as unworthy.
How can I honor you when you reject me so?
the special place in my heart for you
bruised and tender.
I want to keep the memory
of that first special journey
but it’s colored now by your disdain.
How can I both keep you
and let you go?

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At the end of inspiration
darkness falls
a fine fog drapes the world
beauty dimmed
joy, out of reach.
Present, a desire for that which cannot be
a silly thought
a childish dream
a wish for something unreal
non existent
Common perhaps
a desire to be one other than oneself.
but unshakable.
There is so much light in my life
but I see only shadow
There is nothing to hold me down
and yet
I cannot

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How to Begin Again

Standing in the doorway
of my father’s house
I watch the man I love
staring at the cold remorseless stars.
I feel his grief
the bitterness of loss
the emptiness and pain.
My heart aches for him
for the loss we share
the life we had, so briefly
that will never be again.
He turns, and breaks the spell
the greyness lifts as our eyes meet
a thousand words, unspoken, flow between us.

On that day we met, a thousand years ago
I never could have imagined
what you’d mean to me today.
Now a whole new future lies open before us.
Take me in your arms
let my soul fill you
let my body waken you
let us return together
to joy
to wonder
to new adventures.
You lived a life
for all those many years alone
never stopping, never staying
never left behind.
Now this new life
but a heartbeat long
and filled with ordinary things
is all you have
so hold me close
let me strengthen you
let us step together
into this new future
let us create together
our joyous

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There are days

when joy seems so far away

so out of reach.

There are days

when beloved things

offer no pleasure

no escape.

There are days

when all one can do

is remember

that there are other days.

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December dawns

the fog and mist forgotten

gray rain set aside.

Instead, on the horizon

the mountain stands out stark

cut out in midnight blue

backlit by the glowing eastern sky

vivid orange and pink and cream

the promise of clear skies and sunlight

brilliant, shining

yet icy cold

as only winter sun can be.

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