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Angel (For Sarah Jane)

Your slightest smile, a beam of brilliant sunlight
Your laugh, a treasure
Your courage, your devotion, your joie de vivre
an inspiration
To know you walked this earth, alive and real
is to believe again
that anything is possible.

Thank you for your smile, your laugh
your courage
your very being.
Thank you for capturing our hearts
lifting them up
showing us what we could be.


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The door clicks softly shut on an empty room
as echoes of laughter fade.
Listen a moment to the silence
feel the sadness
of good times ended
of friends moved on to other lives
other loves.
The rainfall outside
reflects the bleakness within.

Moments pass
and life, infuriatingly
goes on.

Lift your eyes once more skyward
breathe deep
The future lies ahead,
anticipating your creation.
New lives, new loves await unknown
adventures linger yet undiscovered
new joys and sorrows
Step forward once more, seeking
welcoming the unending mystery.

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Be my wanderer love
My star chaser
My dream seeker
Be my adventurer.
Take me with you
to taste the joy, the wonder
the beauty around us.
Let me see with new eyes.

Let me be your wanderer love
Your star chaser, dream seeker
Your adventurer.
Come with me on this journey
Let me show you the joy, the wonder,
the beauty in our lives.

Let us wander together
seeking nothing


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Spring air

Cool, brisk, minty fresh, enlivening
The smell of dew
of recent rain
of blooming trees and bulbs
The warming sun raises steam from sidewalks and rooftops
shining brightly on our upturned faces
as we breathe great draughts of pure spring essence
together with all the world around us
coming alive.

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a bud, a beginning
full of potential
prickly but painless.
Fascinated you stay with her
let her grow on you.

a flower opening
blossoming with color, with life
sharp but still soft.
You’re caught, unknowingly.

full bloom of passion, vitality
keep her close
but when she’s torn away you find
the thorns have grown
tearing your heart to pieces as they go.

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He stares into the inky sky
the infinity of glittering twinkling stars
and aches to be among them.
Cut off, curtailed, imprisoned,

A touch
his thoughts return to earth
the silent figure beside him
She shares his grief and something more.
Together they have lost everything, a hundred times
yet they endure.

Beneath the standing stones on midsummer night
we are one with the earth
the stars
the million worlds swirling
the one world beneath our feet
one world, dismissed, neglected among the million.
What is here we have not seen
have not done
cannot in our one lifetime imagine
what can we achieve

our lesser infinity

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