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Sun comes from the east

rain from the west

over the city they meet

A shiny wet glittering sparkling jolt

dewdrops and rainbows

gleaming sunrise and weighty haze

Daily they collide

in some new pattern

some new and colorful array

each one a gem, unique and beautiful

stormy or lively or mild.

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Someone threw water on the sun

pink and sizzling

great gouts of steam billowing

from beyond the hazy hills.

Someone froze the moment

fading daylight stilled

vapor fixed and motionless

wisps of mist like cotton candy stuck

against the pale sky.

Someone, seize it

capture it, in words or broad brush strokes

keep it, hold it

never let it go.

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Sprung from the earth

dropped from the sky

Vivid and cheery and bright

Drifting down the river

riding on my shoulder

the marriage of water and light.

The luminous east

ominous west

between, everything

every shade in the city

the sky, the earth

every color sharp and clean.

This way and that he bends

along the arc of the bridge

the curve of the hills

stretching, embracing

spanning the city as if to say

here lies my pot of gold.

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A flash across the midnight sky
blazing bright
An instant of passion
A moment’s splendor
a glimpse of vivid glory
brief and blinding
a resplendent streak of grandeur
A thousand tons of solid rock
unbound, soaring
approaching ever nearer heaven’s brilliance
once massive, fixed and steadfast
now an insubstantial wisp of gas and dust
ephemeral, intangible
The sky, which held such promise
would be my shrine
its vault, mine
its infinity
my end
my limit
my demise.

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