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Evening star

The evening star

true to her name

shines bright against the darkening sky.

The new moon

though barely a sliver

her dark side glows with reflected earthshine.

Together against the western sky, along the path of the setting sun,

daylight fades and stars appear, twinkling, one by one.

As darkness grows, they sink gently to the horizon

and vanish beyond the west hills.

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Over the neighbor’s house

between the towering firs

the bright sky shifts colors, following the sun.

Daylight blue yields to pink, pale orange to blinding white,

the edges tinged with darkness from the east.

Colors echoed in my yard: the vivid crabapple, the muted red maple

the darkening green

the western light brushing everything with gold and soft sunshine yellow.

A sunbeam pierces a gap

between tree and curtain

flooding my room with an orange glow

the last light of evening.

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Away from home

Soft, humid air, somehow both cool and warm. Cheerful birdsong, stillness. Tasty hot tea, at once relaxing and awakening. Rising from a pleasant dream, into a pleasant and quiet world; a tiny moment of vacation before the adventure begins again.

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April’s faces

I pedal through a gentle downpour, the gusting wind at my back speeding me along and splashing me well. The morning seems stormy and unpromising. But crossing the bridge, we enter a corridor of sunlight along the river. Gray and white clouds drift away to the east, and more approach from the west… but in between, shining blue sky overhead, the bright-colored bridges show their summer best against the water.

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April morning

Blue sky, bright sun, fluffy clouds; trees in vivid leaf and flower. But for the fresh-washed streets, the storms of yesterday might have been a dream. Today’s joyful eastern sky could not have poured down those rains or whipped up those winds; today, only gentle breezes and liquid sunshine may fall.

The western sky may have other ideas.

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Morning moon

The moon rests, nearly full, hanging over the western hills. Her face is softened by a faint and delicate mist. The morning sky behind her quietly transforms from dawn cobalt to true daylight blue as early sunbeams creep over the eastern horizon. The color and the light and the fog lend an unreal tone; the view is more like a painting than a real sky. But real it is: a cold crisp April morning full of the promise of spring.

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