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Work in progress

I finished the fic I started just a few days ago. It was kind of a new experience, and I’m not sure how much of it was magic and how much to attribute to my commitment to finish things. Anyway, an idea popped into my head, more fully-formed than usual, upon awakening Sunday morning. I dashed out a few pages long-hand: a few sketches, a scene or two, some dialogue, a general outline of the story. From then I spent a great deal of highly focused time on it. On my own at night, I did not watch TV: I wrote. I did not go to bed early, or even on time: I wrote. I did not even surf the web. This wasn’t me saying, I’d better write; it was me wanting to do nothing else.

So that was cool.

Moving along: As I wrote, ideas developed, scenes fleshed out, things changed in favor of other things. I struggled through a section where I wasn’t sure where things were going, kept writing just to get to that elusive end – then the next day tossed it all and wrote something new. It wasn’t hard, except when I made it hard. Everything was there in my head; I just had to get it on paper.

Definitely magic.

I’m not posting it just yet. It needs to cool, to be polished; there may be more adjustments needed. Beyond that, it’s a bit of an uncomfortable story. It wobbles back and forth between cozy, predictable continuation of a much-loved season arc, and plunge into unpleasant darkness. I’m not sure how well the two mix.

Anyway. In a few days maybe I’ll post it. In the meantime, I’ll be making my final – FINAL – pass over Dreamscapes. Smashwords, here we come. 🙂

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Moving right along

I finished my final revision of Dreamscapes. I’ll give it one more pass for typos and other weirdness, but I want to let it settle a bit first.

In the meantime, instead of moving on to Project #2, I started a brand new fic inspired by a dream and apparently something someone read at my writer’s group. Go figure. Even though it wasn’t on my list, I will see it through and finish it (keywords: FINISH IT) before I move on again. I did the outline/rough rough draft in one pass; I wouldn’t let myself stop until it had an ending. I think that’s the way I have to do it, if I ever want to finish things. And that is my goal this year.

Anyway, with luck I’ll have that posted within a week or so, and I’ll be able to move on to my real #2. 🙂

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Gosh it’s been a while. More than a month and a half since my last post! Not that I haven’t been busy. Since November 30 I have finished my accounting degree, enjoyed chaotic holidays, cranked up my reading (I’m on book #5 of 2014 so far) and carried on revising Dreamscapes for Smashwords. I’ve started reading comic books and doing math for fun (https://www.khanacademy.org/mission/math).

My goal this year is to practice finishing things. It’s by far the hardest part of writing for me. I could revise forever. Two stories declared done in early 2013 have since been ripped open again. Every time I get stuck I hare off on something new. This year, I will finish what I start before starting again.

Project 1 is the Dreamscapes revision. I started it; I’ll finish it; I’ll publish it.

Project 2 is either The Edge or The Way. These have each been declared done a dozen times. It’s time to give each one last read-through, one more turn at the wheel, a final breath.

Project 3 is the other one.

Project 4 is a new story. I’d like to put out a new 3-piece collection by mid-year; The Edge, The Way, and something else. I have a rewrite idea for The Stalker that could save it, and there are one or two other possibilities kicking around. I started a Dragons of Paris story a while back, but I think I’d like to give the Dragons their own collection, so they’ll have to wait.

Project 5 remains open. Depending on how much is left of 2014 at this point, it may be time for a Nano project. That could get the Dragons going. Or the Dragons could get going on their own. Or I could revise Ghosts for Smashwords. I also want to release my other print works on Smashwords, but I’d like to leave a gap between releases. No sense burying people.

I think that’s enough for one year. I still have a job, after all. And a life.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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