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Thank you

A few alternate lyrics, in season.
(Thank you, Alanis Morissette.)

How ’bout getting off this emotional free-fall
How ’bout stopping thinking only of me
How ’bout looking forward instead of backward
How ’bout finding gold in all that I see

Thank you family
Thank you friendship
Thank you, thank you loneliness
Thank you teamwork
Thank you partnership
Thank you, thank you merriment

How ’bout trying to look for once at the bright side
How ’bout appreciating all that you do
How ’bout finally seeing how good my life is
How ’bout looking around for an alternate view

Thank you beauty
Thank you sunlight
Thank you, thank you stars at night
Thank you wintertime
Thank you rainfall
Thank you, thank you nothing at all

The moment I stop worrying is the moment I get free
The moment I give my love away is the moment you can love me

How ’bout giving up overthinking everything
How ’bout taking a chance every now and then
How ’bout living my life as if life were worth it
How ’bout loving and choosing to be loved again

Thank you fantasy
Thank you science
Thank you creativity
Thank you world
Thank you people
Thank you possibility

oh yeah…

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Three brilliant worlds setting

all in a row

in the east shines Venus

impossibly bright

coyly ducking among the morning clouds

then stepping forth proudly

all ablaze.

In the west, Jupiter

steady and sure

gleams stark against the deep pre-dawn blue.

Between them, Earth

spinning invisibly

her pale blue light shining

she takes her place among the stars.

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Night Beacon

Wandering star

your steady light shining

through mist and cloud and fog.

Jupiter, mighty

five hundred million distant

lofty, never-ending miles

now but a brilliant speck

a brighter star among the multitudes.

Why is it

so corporeal a thing

vast and absolute

conjures up dreams?

How is it fantasy

visions in my mind

may be more real

than the life before my eyes?

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A few alternate lyrics:

Take my heart
take my hand
by your side I’ll always stand
My courage and my love you need
you can always count on me

We may live
or we may die
out to the edge of space we fly
The end of time, we will see
you can always count on me

There’s no place we can’t be
out across infinity
you can always count on me…

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My life ended

the day you went away

and I would give all I have

to have you stay.

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Autumn dawn

The moon in her halo
her blanket of clouds
to the north, Jupiter
her steady companion.

Together they sink
through the western sky
autumn’s night waning
as Venus ascends.

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