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Rain on the window

streaking down in drops and smears

a soft beat, a rattling

pattering sound.

Beyond the glass

a world of green and gray

trees waving

mist draped across the hills

the city swathed in dew and drizzle

spring leaves like emeralds, set in silver

sparkling against the haze.

Subdued, the traffic moves

muted, tranquil

blurred by the streaks

and smears and drops

a soothing, misty

fresh, inspiring

bracing spring tableau.

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It’s about that time!


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One more ordinary star

not too big or small

not too dim, not too bright

no spark of color to stand apart.

One more ordinary speck of light

among the millions

blanketing the summer sky.

Unassuming he makes his way

east to west, across the night


eyes captivated by burnished Mars

gleaming Venus

pass him over, unaware.

If they only knew –

Hovering in the southern sky

the great ringed giant

the most arresting

most familiar

most distinctive of all our neighbors.

To ordinary eyes, so ordinary

common and unremarked

look closer

nothing plain at all.

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