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It’s all a game

to you you play

and play and pause

to save the day

then on your way

Not for you the pain

the empty place

where once the one you love

did wait

now gone away

Until one day

the grief comes home to stay

the game no longer play

the brave face

the faith

all gone and you

alone remain.

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The Way

I think it might be done.


An ordinary man and his startlingly extraordinary family. 17,200 words.

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You gave up
resigned yourself
to life without her.
Both knowing the cost
and considering the risk worthwhile.
But she knew you would return to her
never wavered in her faith
never wondered.
A thousand years could pass
and she would still be there
free to leave you any time
she would remain.

And you?

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You were warned
that time was short
that the end of your time
was near
You didn’t listen.

All your games
your rambling life
your whims
would cost you
Still you played.

It has begun
the stakes are rising
each new turn
more painful than the last

now what?

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What I wanted

I wanted to say I love you
though I was sure you knew
I wanted to say it.

I wanted to hold your hand again
safely in mine
I wanted to feel you with me.

I wanted to see you smile again
and brush away your tears
I wanted you happy.

I wanted to keep you for myself
to the end of your days
instead I let you go.

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Things that happened this week:

I joined a writers’ group and was invited to sell my books at their book fair table. http://www.nwbookfestival.com/

I received $10 via Paypal for books sold at Lulu.com http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Elwyne

I received notice that Generation One was rejected by Analog Science Fiction and Fact. This is good, since I already published it myself, and frees me up to submit something else – most likely, The Edge.

Work on The Way shook loose again, and the story is steadily improving.

Also, this: http://www.lulu.com/shop/elisabeth-flaum/dark-matters-poetry-by-elisabeth-flaum/paperback/product-21057467.html

I feel like I’m not doing anything, since I don’t have anything new to post, but the truth is stories take their time. Much longer than short poems. The work continues apace.

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and you didn’t, by the way, that the ‘to publish’ category is slowly vanishing, here’s why:


now available. 🙂

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