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Hand in hand
at the edge of creation
prepared to set forth.
what lies ahead
fear and pain
we face the future
that we may overcome
that we may adapt
to difficulty
that we may create
a life
for ourselves
in the world
that lies ahead

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Bring me fantasy

a rousing tale

A band of lifelong friends

a pair of lovers

a madman

a genius

a child.

Grand adventure

a voyage across the sea

the world

the universe

time itself.

Happy endings

the world saved

the mystery solved

justice served

a neat package, tied up with love and humor

perhaps a good cry.


with its petty hurts





and I crawl inside

another book.

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I tear my eyes from the stars above

their twinkling brings back emptiness and loss

a way of life now out of reach.

The past haunts me

voices at the back of my mind

whispering what can never be again.

Grieving I contemplate the world below

city lights echo those shining stars

but not the pain

instead its bustling


calls to me

tempting me to seek its secrets.

Standing at my back the family home

the domesticity I rejected



it waits for me

a wellspring for new endeavors

a haven to return to

a reminder that I am not alone.

An ordinary life

the one adventure once denied me

now beckons, seductively

the opportunity to live side by side

with the one who holds my heart

sharing a single journey.

Looking up once more

the starshine now brings a smile

though I may never fly again

there remains so much adventure

along the path beneath my feet.

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The Beach

The beach, where we parted, met, and parted again

the setting of our last goodbyes

you take my hand, our eyes meeting.

The wind whips my hair

the surf roaring in my ears, deafening

I am kindled by your touch

the depth of your soul looking into mine.

I could stand there forever, gazing

but the salt air stings my eyes

bringing a tear and a smile

You squeeze my hand and smile too

as the rushing of the sea washes away heartache,

smooths the footsteps of the past from the sand.

Together we turn, walk back through the crashing spray

away from that place of pain

away from our old lives

into a new horizon.

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So many shades of sky

azure, sapphire, cobalt

cerulean, cyan.

So many colors of cloud

cream and ivory

silver, smoke, and slate.

So many pigments possible

in a shining sunset

pale pink, creamy coral


blazing vibrant orange

brilliant white

liquid gold.

All hues splattered across the vault

the scattered stains

of nature’s Michelangelo

his masterpiece unfinished


polychroma shift across the spectrum

an unending parade

of day

to dusk

to dark.

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Lost (For Rhys)

Drifting away

My island in a sea of madness

The waves pound me

as I lose my grip on your steady shores

I want to scream

to call out to you, save me!

but I believe you cannot hear.

How can I tell you of the things I’ve seen?

How can I upset your complacent humor?

To share is to destroy

to lose forever my rock, my stronghold

and yet, to hold back

to conceal

is to lose ever sooner

to erode our very foundation.


I seek solace in another’s arms

but the peace I find is only illusion

a numbing of the pain

the agony

of being torn adrift

from my rock

my island

swept away into the churning sea.

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Red sky


A searing orb, burning

a hole in the sky

like an alien sun

its color just a little wrong.


like a child’s drawing

beams of yellow streak across the gray

simmering whiteness sinking behind the hills.


the crimson west

blood red, starless

the gibbous moonrise

shines pink over an unfamiliar world.

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